Fabra Wedding Video

Fabra Wedding Video, filmed at the PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Wedding Highlight Video by Concepts Media Company, the very best in wedding video covering Florida and wedding destination hot spots around the world.

Samantha and Nick Fabra started their wedding day with absolutely perfect weather, and we started our day filming the bridal party getting ready. We met Samantha and her bridesmaids getting ready in their suite at The PGA National Resort.

PGA National Resort at 450 Ave of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

We had a blast capturing the bride and her bridesmaids and left the suite so they could finish getting ready and to go meetup with the guys. We made it to the groom’s suite just as he was about to open a very special photobook from his soon to be wife. After we spent some time with men we made our way back to the brides suite to capture the bride tying up her dress and doing final touches. After the getting ready shots we moved to the long walkway of the members only spa area at the PGA, there we captured the couples first look and a beautiful slow motion 360 shot of the couple in a little early kiss and then some cute checking each other out scenes. We had the ceremony outside in the back by the water and then moved into the main ballroom. Inside we finished off the rest of this amazing night, filming all the fun and some very special dances, all captured in beautiful motion picture for the couple to relive over and over again!

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