Rise of Video Marketing

The Rise of Video Marketing, just as video cameras have become more accessible, and online has been almost completely taken over by video, by next year it’s expected 80% of all online content will be video. That means 8 out of 10 posts you see online next year is going to be a video, so if your business is not marketing online with video then you should start because your competition will be. With the steady rise of video marketing in the past few years, can be attributed to the ease of access to HD video cameras and great editing software has made video explode not to mention the increase in video quality, the growth of Youtube and the ability for everyone to create engaging video channels that are growing on past television. Today streaming tv is taking over the traditional cable companies, and even the video giant Youtube now offers great streaming tv service. Video has come a long way, but so much further yet still to go.

Next year it’s expected 80% of all online content will be video

Concepts Media Company has over 10 years of professional video production experience, and 7+ years of social media marketing and google ads. When it comes to choosing the best of both video and marketing, Concepts Media Company should be your first call for video marketing, we can help you to reach the millions of social media users locally.

Rise of Video Marketing in Stuart FL

Video gives the most consistent benefits to businesses, video is the best way to improve a website’s SEO, viewer retention rates, and overall engagement, but most important the best method to increase consumer conversion rate. Social media platforms like Instagram has seen a large jump in video activity, even though it’s a picture sharing platform video has surged along with a rise in video marketing as well. Instagram has just seen an 80 percent growth in video posts and views. This year Facebook had more video views than Youtube, and Facebook is the best social media platform for video marketing. With Facebook ad campaign video views up 47%, a growth of 6% from the previous year. Proving for now marketing your business with video is the best on Facebook ad campaigns, and by marketing to your specific demographics will provide the highest return on investment (ROI). Video is on the rise in a big way, your business needs the benefits of video marketing and we can help, contact Brian or Christopher with Concepts Media Company today.

Find out more about marketing your business with video and social media. Video production by Concepts Media Company servicing the Treasure Coast of Florida. Contact Concepts Media Company For all your strategic social media marketing options, and video production located in Port Saint Lucie, Fl. Helping businesses to increase their foot traffic and online visitors with the best in video production services and video marketing in Port Saint Lucie and all over the Treasure Coast.
Rise of Video Marketing
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