Social Media Management Tips for 2020

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What does social media management in 2020 look like? The latest trend in social media is authentic lifestyle posts. That means toning down big time on all your marketing posts, ads, and instead posting real content that someone would care to follow. In the moment pictures are great, and posts that don’t look too over produced, but real. Your loyal customers already follow you, but to reach out to new potential customers who will engage with your posts requires a new touch. We all want to follow a page that posts great, original content. The same is true for your business accounts, you will need to post content that will make someone who does not know your business want to engage with them and care to interact with you. With lifestyle posts, you can sell your brand with worthwhile content that creates a personal interest.

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Posting more authentic lifestyle posts is just the first major marketing tip you need to know and utilize as we venture into the roaring 20’s. You also need to take full advantage of social media paid advertising, in particular Facebook ads, and Google ads. With the right content you can make a big splash in any market. The best content in 2020 is video content. This can be professional and even fun cellphone videos, it’s great to mix them up and post as much video as you can. Video marketing is the big wave of 2020, if you can catch it and tie in the lifestyle authentic feel in your video marketing campaign you can really crush it this year.

Social Media Tips In 2020

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