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Social media marketing with video by Concepts Media Company is the best way to develop meaningful engagement on social media platforms. Google loves video, so much in fact just placing your video on your websites homepage will increase your businesses chances of getting on the first page of Google by 53%. Also Google owns Youtube, and with more than 5 billion videos watched daily on Youtube, marketing your business with video increases your businesses exposure more than any other form of marketing.

Social Media Marketing Port Saint Lucie, FL

The Benefits of Marketing with Social Media

Today video is consumed mainly by cell phones, in fact over 70% of all internet traffic comes from cellular phones. According to Cisco, by next year that number will be over 80%, that means your website and brand needs to be optimized for cell phones. Video is on the rise in a big way, according to Facebook’s executive Nicola Mendelsohn, in five years Facebook will be all video. That’s a major statement, especially since Facebook boasts the largest amount of users of any online network, about 70% of adults in the US use Facebook, and watch over 500 million videos every day.

“In five years Facebook will be all video”.
– Nicola Mendelsohn

The consumers you want to reach are on social media, and they are watching video, if you are not marketing your brand on social media and on your website with video, you are missing out on the most important marketing tools of our time. Did you know that one third of consumers’ time spent on the internet is watching videos, and consumers that watch videos over reading text are much more likely to make a purchase. In fact over 70% of consumers will choose to watch a video to learn about your brand than read about it. However video marketing on social media networks require more than just creating the video and posting it online, you have to promote your video to the right demographics in your targeted area. Writing original content with targeted keywords to attract the consumers that want to find your brand.

Find out more about marketing your business with social media in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Video production by Concepts Media Company servicing Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, and the Palm Beaches. Contact Concepts Media Company For all strategic social media marketing options located in Port Saint Lucie, Fl.
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