Target Marketing

Target Marketing with Concepts Media Company located in South Florida. Over 8 million people use social media on the treasure coast, social media is apart of almost everyone’s daily routine. We create a strategic high-quality video to target your customers, in specific locations and demographics. Making video marketing more cost effective than any other form of advertising, just like the power of connecting with family and friends or seeing a viral video to what’s trending. The avg person spends 2 hours a day on just the top 5 social media sites, and over 70% of that time is spent watching videos. Along with creating an engaging custom video, we will also create your business an original ad campaign. We will build the custom ad campaign using keywords, the location you wish to market in, and gender plus age specifics that we apply in your campaign to target the market best for your brand.

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The Benefits of Target Marketing

You need to know your market to effectively target your market. That means, you need to know who your customer base is, their age and gender and where they are located. It is also good to know about their shopping habits and what they like about your brand. With target marketing you can do just that, we help you to find a niche in your market. Most businesses today are not aware of their market and how to target them, 60% of small business owners are not able to track their ROI or return on investment from their social media marketing. How can you know if a strategy is working if it is not being effectively tracked. With Concepts Media Company we will work with you to create a target marketing strategy that guarantees your business will be noticed.

Contact CMC to create a target marketing strategy that guarantees your business will be noticed on the Treasure Coast. At CMC we do anything from video production to social media marketing with target marketing.Today marketing your business with video on social media is the best way to be seen on the Treasure Coast and around the country. Video production by Concepts Media Company servicing the Treasure Coast of Florida. Contact Concepts Media Company For all strategic and target marketing options located in Port Saint Lucie, Fl.
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