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How to raise your Google Ranking with SEO, by using these simple website management tips that will help you gain that coveted first page listing on Google for your specific search terms. Major search engines like Google and Bing are always changing their Search Algorithms, and to keep your website at the top of their search rankings, you need to stay on top of the best SEO tips. Here is my list of the top 5 strongest SEO tips, that will help your businesses website perform at the top it’s game.



  • Unique and specific post titles and subtitles
  • Create unique alt text for every image posted on your website, and make all images are the smallest size needed
  • Delete old posts and pages that do not offer original content or not necessary for the website
  • The opening sentence of your page or blog post needs the main keywords for your website
  • Placing LSI keywords around your main keywords (words similar to your keyword)

The first SEO tip you can implement is creating unique and specific post titles for your blog post, with accompanying subtitles that help your customers find you easier. Building your blog title around your industries best keywords, and adding supporting keywords or demographic specific words. Creating very particular post headlines, will help you stand out amongst your competition.

Another great tip this year is write keyword alt text for every image posted on your website. This creates additional search terms your website can come up first on in popular search engines. Along with writing specific alt text for every image on your website, check to make sure all your images are the smallest size needed for your post. Optimizing your images to the correct sizes for your websites, can help with the speed and load time. How long it takes for pages on your website to load can determine how long someone stays on your website and if they will be encouraged to return.


Optimize your website by deleting old posts or unnecessary pages that do not offer original content for your website. Google prefers websites that have fewer but better quality pages, delete all old pages that do not offer some value to the website. Get away from the idea of more content is better, only relevant useful content helps your websites ranking in search engines.

It is really important that the opening sentence of every page or post has your main keywords, search engines index your website higher when the search terms are used in the opening sentence. In order to find out the main keywords for your website, you need to know what phrases your clients will use to find your post or page. If your website is optimized for search engines correctly, then it will have the same keywords or same language as its potential visitors use to search. Correct keywords used in your opening sentence is one of the main elements of SEO.

the final major SEO tip is placing LSI keywords around your main keywords. LSI “Latent semantic indexing” keywords are what major search engines use to figure out what words surround the terms people use to search. For example, Google has a algorithm that uses LSI keywords to evaluate the quality of content and its relevance to the search terms. Adding these LSI keywords around your main keyword will really help grow your SEO.

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