US1 Logo Design

US1 Logo Design

CMC US1 Logo Design

Business logo design by Concepts Media Company, the progression of logo designs for US1 Multi-Level Media for over 10 years, Concepts Media Company is a graphic design business that offers freelance web design and 3D logo design services in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Joseph is the owner of US1 and hired me for his logo design services in Stuart, Florida in 2005. Joseph sat down with me and went over his business ideas and what he wanted to achieve with creating a unique and affordable logo design for his final product. I worked closely with Mr. Korecki to design his business logo, after the first ideas were created, we sat and Joseph sketched out his two main hand drawn letters on plain white paper, then I took and scanned the letters, “U” and “S” into the computer. Next I opened the letters up in Adobe Illustrator and using the pen tool traced out the letters and basic design, and then with using Photoshop I created the first business logo for US1. After a couple years Joseph came to me to update his logo, so we went back into the original files and re-thought the entire corporate logo design. I created a new and fresh brand identity design for US1, and simpler cut down version, that was simple but elegant and to the point. This worked again for a few years and he was back again for something new. I was learning 3D graphics and animation and thought it would be a great way to design his logo in 3D design. Using all the points I made in Illustrator, I was able to open the paths up in Cinema 4D and create a new full version 3D logo design of US1. Lastly of course that was not the end for the US1 logo, so I designed without him knowing the stripped down elegant version but in 3D and that was the final design and is still used today for US1 Multi-Level Media.

us1 logo Design CMC

US1 Logo Progression

us1 logo Progression CMC

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us1 jewel logo Design CMC

us1 floating logo Design CMC

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