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Video Editing

Concepts Media Company: Your Go-To for Professional Video Editing Services in South Florida

Concepts Media Company is a full-service video production company located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, serving all of South Florida. We offer a wide range of video editing services to help businesses and individuals create high-quality, engaging videos.

Our video editing services include:

Video Editing

Basic editing

This includes trimming footage, adding music and sound effects, and creating basic transitions.

Video Editing

Color correction

We can adjust the colors and contrast in your video to improve the overall look.

Video Editing

Motion graphics

We can create custom motion graphics and animations to add visual interest to your video.

Video Editing

Special effects

We can add special effects such as green screen, slow motion, picture-in-picture, lower third, and time-lapse to your video.

Video Editing

Social Media editing

We can optimize your video for specific social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Video Editing

Podcast Editing

professional podcast editing services to help you create high-quality, engaging episodes that will keep your listeners coming back

Video editing with our extensive list of copyright-free stock footage can open up a world of creative possibilities. Stock footage is a great way to add visual interest and diversity to your videos, especially if you’re on a budget or don’t have the time or resources to shoot your own footage. Concepts Media Company can help you edit stock footage into your videos in a way that looks professional and seamless.

Video Editing

Script and Shot List Service

Concepts Media Company offers a unique service to help business owners create professional business promotional videos on their own cellphones. We will create a custom script and shot list for your video, tailored to your specific business and goals.

Once you have filmed your video using our script and shot list, you simply send us the footage and we will edit it together to create a polished and professional video that you can use to promote your business online and offline.

How it works:

  • Book your Script and Shot List Service: Contact us to schedule a consultation.
  • Tell us about your business: We will ask you a few questions about your business, your goals for the video, and your target audience.
  • We will write a custom script and shot list for your video: We will send you a draft script and shot list for review. You can provide feedback and make changes until you are happy with the final product.
  • Film your video: Use the script and shot list to film your video on your cellphone.
  • Send us the footage: Once you have finished filming, send us the footage and we will edit it together to create your video.
  • Receive your finished video: We will deliver your finished video to you within 5-7 business days.

Contact us today to learn more about our Script and Shot List Service and to get started on your business promotional video!

No matter what your video editing needs are, Concepts Media Company is here to help.

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learn more about our video editing services and how we can help you create high-quality, engaging videos.