Emily Senior Portraits Slideshow

Emilys Senior Portraits from Brian Concepts on Vimeo.

Emily Joyce Pilar Reynolds Senior but Portraits Video July 17th, 2016 by Brian Lee Adams for Concepts Media Company.

Emily Reynolds Senior Portraits in Monroe, Ohio by Concepts Photography. Emily’s photoshoot was over two separate days, the first day we met at a farm in Preble County, with a horse named Rebel. We was able to get some amazing pictures with Rebel and all around the farm. There was this great little farm building out by the road, with white paint peeling off. It just had a look of an aged building that had stood and seen countless changes in its one hundred plus years by that old country road. The pictures by that barn and then in the cornfield beside it made the day, along with this awesome tree that was perfect for Emily. On the second day we met at the train tracks in Monroe, just behind the abandoned amusement park, Americana/LeSourdsville Lake. Meeting about a half an hour before sunrise, gave us enough time to walk down the tracks some and get the great pictures as the sun slowly started rising. After leaving the tracks, we took a short ride out to my Grandmother’s house, for homemade buttermilk biscuits and gravy. After an epic breakfast with Gma we took a walk out to her field, and took some pictures of Emily with some of her many bows, handguns, and rifles. Dangerous and made for awesome pictures, plus takes alot of trust staring down a barrel or bow and arrow just to get said pictures, but I can look at the pics now and ya maybe it was worth the risk lol. Last before sunset we took a ride to downtown Middletown, Ohio for the final location for Emily’s senior portraits. Most of Middletown’s buildings downtown are abandoned and starting to give away to nature, which from a photography standpoint made for an amazing photoshoot, up the steel stairs that snake up the side of the Sorg Opera House, and in the nooks and crannies or cuts of that awesome building.

Emily Reynolds Senior Portraits by Concepts Media Company

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