Southard Maternity Portraits Slideshow

Southard Maternity Photo Video from Brian Concepts on Vimeo.

Southard Maternity Photo Video of Emily and Kyle Southard Maternity Portraits on July 17th for baby Heidi Lee Ann, 2016 by Brian Lee Adams for Concepts Media Company.

Emily and Kyle’s maternity photoshoot started out at the beach in Jensen Beach. We had a few ideas we wanted to recreate, a beautiful shot of Emily by herself sitting in the sand with her head just blocking out the sunlight behind her, do the rays spilled out all around her golden hair. We captured a few of the couple in silhouetted in shadow with a bright blue sky behind them. Some of my favorites we’re with the babies Humpty Dumpty that Emily’s grandmother had sewed for her. After we were done at the beach we traveled further down the beach to this tree covered path way, where we captured the last of the Southard’s Maternity Photoshoot.

Unfortunately Heidi passed away just before birth, she was an angel that God called back right away, she must have been something very special to be needed back in Heaven so soon, we will miss you always and love you eternally Heidi Lee Ann Southard.

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